Erwin Johnson crew/ Smilin' Thru

From Earl Baker's daughter, Cynthia Freisland: "This is my father's crew on The Smilin'Thru. Erwin Johnson pilot, Elliot Gadd, co-pilot, Wm. Bailey, Navigator, George Littleton, Bombardier, Sam Ranallo, Radio Op., Leo Hunt, Eng/Top Turret, Clement Couture, Ball Turret, Lawrence Parsons, Tail, Earl Baker, Left Waist, Gustave Fless, Right waist. They were among the brave men who flew to Schweinfurt on Black Thursday and were lucky enough to make it back. Their ship was pretty badly damaged, but they made it back to England and all bailed out near Baydon, Wiltshire, England. Thank you all for your service and the sacrifices made that day."
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  • Please share any other information that you may have

  • Nice photo of smiling thru. I also have the original from my father, Clement "Cutt" Couture. I was privileged to send some photos for Mr. Bakers DVD on the smiling thru. Her fateful flight is the only one Dad ever mentioned. 

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